Zabaione per tutte le ricette

Warm and velvety, it is one of the best-loved traditional Italian patisserie custard sauces.
We give artisans a choice of three different versions to lend that unmistakable zabaglione taste to any recipe.


This is the traditional semi-processed product widely used in many traditional Italian patisserie products. It stands out for its high quality and genuine ingredients (eggs, Marsala DOC and sugar). No preservatives.
5 kg bucket – 2 buckets in a box



Paste flavour enhancer that is perfect for both traditional recipes and new-concept products. With top-quality ingredients and Marsala DOC, it ensures plenty of aroma and a velvety consistency to any artisan product: confectioner’s custard for fillings, buttercream, whipped cream, pralines, semifreddos and soft desserts. No preservatives.
1.3 kg bucket – 9 buckets in a box



From the DInaturA line, Pasta di Zabaione Supreme natural flavour enhancer is produced in exactly the same way as the classic recipe and contains only excellent ingredients (Marsala DOC, eggs, sugar and natural extract of Madagascan vanilla pods). Thanks to its special production process, Zabaione Supreme contains no colourants or preservatives.
5 kg tin – 3 tins in a box