Our in-house technical team, always highly aware of market needs, has responded to user requests for more specific products. This has led to a line of totally natural, very high quality products that enable operators to satisfy growing consumer demands for naturalness.

Natural Liquid Flavouring

A line of all-natural liquid flavourings with an excellent aromatic profile.
Satisfying growing specific consumer demands for naturalness.


  • • 1 kg bottle – 15 bottles in a box.
  • • 500 g bottle – 24 bottles in a box

Natural Emulsion Flavourings

Very popular with the most discerning operators, these innovative emulsion flavourings contain no preservatives or colourings.
Thanks to their slightly dense, perfectly even consistency, they ensure uniform flavouring throughout the dough, whether they are added during the liquid, powder or fat phase.
They ensure perfect fragrance stability for both fresh and frozen products.
Ideal for sweet shortcrust or puff pastry, sponge cakes and leavened cakes in general, they also guarantee a delicate aromatic note when used in confectioner’s custard, dairy cream, ganache, etc.

All Natural Emulsion Flavourings are available in practical plastic bottles with non-drip caps.

Packaging:: 1 kg plastic bottle – 12 bottles in a box

Mediterranean orange zest
Mediterranean lemon zest

These new-concept, natural orange and lemon zest pastes feature all-Sicilian grated citrus zest as the main ingredient.
The highly aromatic performance of these pastes means that just a small amount is all that’s needed to enhance the taste and fragrance of any patisserie product.
Their special consistency makes them easy to use when adding flavour to custards, leavened doughs, sweet biscuits, carnival fritters and any speciality recipe that calls for a delicate pleasing hint of freshly grated citrus zest.

Packaging: 1.5 kg tub – 9 tubs in a box

Zabaglione SUPRÊME

A paste flavour enhancer that is produced in exactly the same way as the classic recipe and contains only excellent ingredients (Marsala, eggs, sugar and vanilla pods).
Thanks to its special production process, Zabaione Suprême contains no flour, colourants or preservatives.

Packaging: 5 kg tin – 3 tins in a box