Flavourings and Simple Syrups

Flavourings and Simple Syrups 70% ABV

Patisserie flavourings 70% ABV are exclusive mixtures of infusions and extracts obtained from aromatic herbs and plants and original top-quality distillates.
This guarantees a range of products with characteristic, delicate, persistent aromatic notes, even at high dilutions when used as instructed on the label.
We also have a vast assortment of low proof ready-to-use simple syrups.

Packaging: large 2 l bottle – 6 bottles in a box.

Non-alcoholic Simple Syrups

A complete range of non-alcoholic simple syrups that, when diluted as instructed on the label, can be used to soak sponge cakes to make specialities for kids and those who do not like the taste of alcohol.


  • • large 2.6 kg bottle – 6 bottles in a box.
  • • 6.5 kg can – 3 cans in a box.